Special announcement!

Special Announcement! 

Our new friend, Mollie, adopted Shema for her senior project and is hosting a 5K Run!! All profits will be donated to us. Isn’t that incredible!?

Get those running shoes on, and please join us at this event!

Date: May 13, 2017

Location: Bunker Hills Regional Park: Coon Rapids, MN 

Entrance fee: $20

Click HERE for more details and to sign up for the race. 


We just submitted the final changes on our tee-shirt prototype! We went through three rounds and are pretty excited to see it comes to life. Since we have finalized the type of fit we want for our brand, the design house we hired is now working on the rest of the garments we have designed together. Coming up, we have tank tops, long-sleeves, and hoodies being constructed together for their turn in the prototype party. 


It’s been quite the journey to find a mill that holds the type of standards and certifications that we require. We want to have our supply chain as clean as we can. Not only are we looking for certified organic fibers, we also need to make sure employees are paid a fair wage, and the mills are using environmentally-friendly practices during production. 

We have nailed it down to two mills. From here, we will be receiving samples to see how well we like the milling of the fibers. Once we select the final mill, we will begin to work with them to create the type of fabric we are looking for. 


 We are talking to a couple suppliers and believe it or not, we are sending those machines over right away! Our plan is to have them arriving by the first of March. We are excited for the women to start learning on electric machines. Once they arrive, we will start paying the women a wage even though they will not be producing anything that we will sell until mid to late summer. We want them to feel confident once we officially go into production. 

Thank you to all of those who have been such an encouragement to the Shema Team. We feel so honored by your time, support, and wisdom that has been so freely shared. 

We are excited for these next few months as we get closer and closer to production!