We Went For It

We have a new video - take a look! 

A year and a half after launching the Shema project, we are fighting harder than ever to see these sewing cooperatives established and the lives of young women forever changed. Co-founder Alisha and I (Adam) continue to work full-time without salary which we have done since our project launch in July 2015! We are determined to see this vision become everything we know it is destined to be: a company that sustainably impacts and changes women's lives forever. And to that end we sacrifice daily to move this project forward. And everyone who has given, who consults, who serves on our board, and who personally supports us does the same - sacrificing time, money, and energy to see Shema become what it is destined to be. A company that changes lives. 

As we have entered into this new year of 2017, you can be sure that Alisha and I are more committed than ever to moving this project forward and to that end are giving it our all. "Go for it." These were the last words of my grandfather Joe Francis to his children on April 14th, 1994. I finally took his advice: I went for it. With Shema, I went for it, and I know in my heart how proud of me he would be for what I am fighting to accomplish and who I have become. And with Shema, we will continue to go for it.