Meet Alayna!

I’m a Saint Paul native with a love for the outdoors, drumming, and tacos (and other stuff too). It’s been a longtime struggle figuring out what I’ve wanted to do in life. I have always seemed to fail to see how my gifting and skills fit into a certain occupation. Not only that, but, just like anyone, I also don’t want to be unhappy in what I‘m doing. I began attending Metropolitan State University in January to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication after obtaining my Associate degree. My interest in writing and my unclear perception of what I wanted to do after school prompted me to choose this broad major. So, how did I end up at Shema?

My interest in Shema was piqued months ago when I came across their page on Facebook. I didn’t even know what it was all about entirely, but I knew that the wonderful people who were running it were doing something big and I thought, “I want to be a part of THAT.” Ignoring that nudge, a couple of months later, I randomly ran into Adam (I say “randomly” because I hadn’t seen him in years) and he told me all about Shema. He also mentioned that Shema wanted to eventually offer internship opportunities—before even knowing that multiple companies turned me down and I was nearly at my end with trying to land an internship for the summer. 

After I expressed my interest and sat down with Adam and Alisha to talk about the internship, I was amazed at how the “job description” aligned with the small nudges I had experienced in the last nine months and the ideas I had in my head about what I would want in the next season of life. Ultimately, I was looking for a place that had a mission I really cared about and a place that was led by people who were genuine and serious about impacting the world. I also had an interest in social media as it pertained to a business. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve had recurring thoughts about wanting to learn photography/videography, but I’ve had no way of doing so—there is plenty of opportunity for that with Shema.

Accepting the internship was an easy decision and I feel so right about being at Shema. After being rejected over and over, I am so thrilled to feel like I am exactly where I should be at this time in my life. All the small details and wishes that I overlooked or never thought could be a reality are integrated into this opportunity. I can’t wait to learn, grow, and be a part of a team that is doing something huge!