We want to play a role in your love stories: for every person who donates $25 or more to the Shema project on gofundme by February 14th, we will create a personalized video Valentine's Day Card by the Shema founders from you to the person of your choice, and we will share it on social media. Donate here! 

Every product has a story: from the earth and the hands that worked the land to produce the raw materials to the hands of those that sew and work the machinery in the factories that are producing them, and then to ships and across oceans to foreign shores. Eventually, the products are in the hands and then the homes of those that purchase them. Some products' stories are stories of pain: stories of the pollution of the environment, stories of the exploitation and abuse of those working. Some stories are nightmares; some stories are not. But every product has a story and at Shema, the story of our product we are creating, the story we are telling, is a story of love.

As we ethically source our raw materials from farmers, empower at-risk women and employ rescued survivors of human trafficking, and as we establish 25 sewing cooperatives in the next five years, we will tell a story of love.

This February, play a role in the love story we are telling, and let us play a role in yours!