Shema means “hear” or “listen." We are hearing with our hearts and we are pioneering a sustainable and replicable model of cooperative production in the Southeast Asian textile industry to empower women at-risk and employ rescued survivors of human trafficking. 

We are connecting with anti-trafficking initiatives and partnering with global artists to use their craft and inspiration to bring awareness and present creative solutions to restore those who have been exploited by the sex-slave trade.

We are documenting our project through film, interviewing exemplary individuals who are hearing with their hearts and engaging in work to set free those who are currently held captive. Our hope is to inspire individuals to take small steps of faith towards the dream God has placed in their own hearts. We invite you to join us in the journey God has placed in our hearts.


It is a stunningly beautiful day in Tel Aviv, Israel. Some dear friends of ours are hosting us five minutes away from the Mediterranean Sea and we couldn’t feel more welcomed to the Holy Land. A lot of remarkable things have happened since our first update. Here are just a few of the highlights: 

In Sacramento, we met with and interviewed Jenny Williamson from Courage Worldwide who started a restoration home for girls recovering from the trauma of sex-trafficking. She taught us of the power to heal through the genuine love of family. We also connected with various anti-trafficking businesses that offered to help us with distribution and sales, and connected us with global leaders in the anti-trafficking movement. 

In Montreal, we connected with a woman who has been involved with empowering women through social business for 10 years. She invited us to present at an international YWAM business conference in September and we couldn’t be more honored and excited by this opportunity. 

In Paris, we met with and were trained by two phenomenal filmmakers who have traveled to over 70 countries to document the work of God in the nations. 

In Milan, we were connected with a design artist who works professionally in one of the fashion capitals of the world. She validated our project and gave us invaluable insights into high-end design and global trends. 

In Zurich we were encouraged and extremely blessed by our wonderful hosts Michael, Tammy and Matias. They became dear friends and we look forward to crossing paths again. We could all honestly say that Switzerland was one of the most beautiful places that we have ever seen. 

A few days ago, we had the honor to meet with and interview a personal hero of ours. Sean Feucht is the father of a global grass roots prayer, worship, and mission’s movement known as Burn 24/7. He travels to 20-30 nations per year planting furnaces of worship and prayer, training, mobilizing, leading worship and speaking. He encouraged and challenged us to run hard after the vision that God has placed in our hands and to refuse defeat. He offered numerous resources to us and was an expert on camera. His humility and transparency wont soon be forgotten.