Catch Co-founder, Adam's Southeast Asia Stories Narrative

Southeast Asia. My stomach aches when empty. Food I think might have parasites, but I just can’t care too much. Cloudy mountain fog obscures the tops of trees. Wet roads that feel dangerous and exciting at the same time. It takes faith just to be in a car. Holding my breath on the back of a motorcycle as it weaves through traffic and passes into oncoming cars. A smile that means “get out of the way” as hard-working women carry hopelessly heavy pails full of water that needs to be filtered. A wet market with blood on the ground and flies in the air and a sudden feeling I’m standing somewhere in time a thousand years ago. The call to prayer that cracks through the air from bad speakers coming from all directions at once. One hundred chickens butchered by hand in a dark, wet space as barefoot toddlers pace in and out of the grim room. 15 different types of bananas, especially those little finger ones that are ten times better than the ones we eat in the states. ....

The Definitive Shema Update

We’ve got some exciting news for Shema! Join co-founders Adam and Alisha on this update journey through our newest developments in our work to empower women in Southeast Asia including: news about our first cooperative, our clothing launch line designs, recent speaking engagements, the expansion of our team, and our next trip to get the first cooperative ready for production!


Those Small Steps

I thought that by this time in my life, it wouldn’t require me to take any more small steps.  Isn’t one lesson enough concerning the beauty of building with these steps?

“Dear Life: Excuse me, but I prefer to fly or at least to be racing someone.”

As I was reflecting on a personal story which I will share later, I came to the realization that I was, again, embarking on another project that was moving forward, at times, in what seemed to be very...tiny...steps.

Baht for Jiit

[[Bangkok, 2014]]  Adam: The city is so alive at night. Night seems like it’s the time when everyone wakes up. I remember walking up to Jiit on the sidewalk one wet, humid night in Bangkok. She was this little, sweet, tiny woman who was nestled amongst what turned out to be her few, soiled belongings - which were really nothing to speak of


Every product has a story: from the earth and the hands that worked the land to produce the raw materials to the hands of those that sew and work the machinery in the factories that are producing them, and then to ships and across oceans to foreign shores. Eventually, the products are in the hands and then the homes of those that purchase them. 

The Story about The Moon

Southeast Asia Update!

We have confirmed the location of where the first few co-operatives (co-ops) will be planted.  These co-ops will be owned and run jointly by the members who will share the profits and benefits of the company. We are so excited to open doors of possibilities for these women who have been told to hope for nothing, and who haven’t had a chance to dream or believe in themselves. These women have either been rescued from human trafficking or are at high risk of being trafficked. The women in this first co-op have already have been trained in sewing and that will give us more time to be able to train other women to use and operate the equipment that is needed to produce our fashion apparel line.

Meet Matthew

Meet one of our teammates.  

"I grew up in Sacramento, California and have always had a passion for travel and adventure. I have had the opportunity to travel to many places in the United States as well as parts of Europe, Australia, Asia, and Central America. Music has also played a huge part in my life both as a hobby and vocation. I have sang and played the piano since I was 13.


Shema means “hear” or “listen” in Hebrew. We are hearing with our hearts and we are pioneering a sustainable and replicable model of cooperative production in the Southeast Asian textile industry to empower women at-risk and employ rescued survivors of human trafficking. 

We are connecting with anti-trafficking initiatives and partnering with global artists to use their craft and inspiration to bring awareness and present creative solutions to restore those who have been exploited by the sex-slave trade.

Ethical fashion

Not For Sale

"To continue to extend that network of family and friends to fight for those who have had their freedom stolen from them - that's Not For Sale." - Mark Wexler 

We sat down with Mark Wexler, co-founder of Not For Sale, an international anti-trafficking non-profit combatting slavery around the world. We were encouraged, inspired, and further provoked to run after this vision with our whole hearts. We want your help to run further than we ever could on our own