Shema is our response to a hurting world.  We are addressing and alleviating extreme poverty and human-trafficking through engaging in ethical textile manufacturing and documenting the work by highlighting those involved globally through film. 

We chose Shema for our company name, which means "hear" or "listen." Shema reflects our vision to hear with our hearts and listen for a new way. 

We aim to plant 25 new sewing co-operatives in the next five years, employing at-risk or rescued survivors of human trafficking in Southeast Asia. 

Our clothing is:

--Transformational: restoring and empowering vulnerable, abused and impoverished women in South East Asia.

--Responsible: sourcing our raw materials to protect the environment. 

--Desirable: designed to be a high-end garment that is exclusive.

We want to partner with people whose hearts and mission are congruent with ours. Our hope is that you will also hear with your heart and listen for a new way to unite with us in helping heal a broken world.

"In the face evil, choose to be dangerous.” --- Daniel Walker

We are choosing to be dangerous, and to run as hard as we can to see change happen before our very eyes.